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345 W. LIBERTY ST. Canal Lewisville, Ohio 43812 ,USA,  On Line ( Internet ) This is the actual office localization or ( place of business )

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Our private parking lot now has fencing around the perimeter.

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contact us by using email :
Here  or by calling  (office) 1+ (740) 575+4121 during normal customer service hours. Monday through Friday
10: 00 AM to 3:00 PM, Schedule Appointment, Sundays - Closed   
Miscellaneous Terms
Not all the products or services described on our site(s) are available in all geographic areas. Therefore, you may not be eligible for all
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We provide all types of knowledgeable categories. Advertising Specialties Online. We do not display any type of inappropriate languages,
musical lyrics that provoke violence, sexual gestures, racial conduct and activities, tag lines, thereof etc.

We will not be using the Mailing Address
345 W. LIBERTY ST. COSHOCTON, OHIO 43812. On Line ( Internet ). However we will be using Address:
345 W. LIBERTY ST. Canal Lewisville, Ohio 43812,   On Line ( Internet ) This is the actual office localization or place of business for the
Legal Note :
Anyone attempting or stopping us conducting business,contracting, entering  into a formal and legally binding agreement,manage,
direct, run, administer, coordinate, orchestrate, handle, control, organize, arrange, plan, set up, bring about, mobilize, mount, stage,
stage-manage, Especially, surreptitiously ways to damage (Ownership, CEO, TLG DISTRIBUTORS LLC, Employees either or Both,)  
business threat, representation, reputation  or  personal threat, threatening, fear of life or public safety thereof. You, them, they will be
charged with any variation of or attempting, instigating, planning, plotting murder of any variation thereof, ( Preventing / Enabling us to
make money or provide  for our family (es),  aggregated assault, child endangerment laws, creating Hostile work environment ( United
States labor law ) thereof. The TLG DISTRIBUTORS LLC Logo wear,etc. Can be and will be worn anywhere,any place at anytime local,
national,international and global. The TLG DISTRIBUTORS LLC Logo  is no different than the everyday wear apparel. Business cards will
only be given out upon request or for scheduling appointments.
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